Our Private Label Solutions

From Idea to Market
Lama develops and supplies products under private label. We have experience in developing products in various business areas. Our private label team and vast support network help you through all the necessary steps and more. To help and support our clients through the private label journey, we uniquely personalize our services to suit our clients’ needs.

Your one link – one solution
We provide consulting & support services from product ideas and concept, regulatory strategy, product development, product design, product packaging, product branding through to a ready-to-launch finished product. We help you take your product from idea to market; your one link – one solution to having your own brand.

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Private label products are no longer the dowdy stepsisters of national brands. In fact, the quality and variety of private label food is better than it has ever been. And to position the products visa-a-vis national competitors, private labelers are relying on packaging that’s every bit as impactful as that of leading national brands.

Package graphics, in particular, are playing a central role. Retailers are turning to graphics to create a store-wide presence for their private label offerings and also to convey the quality of new premium and artisanal private label lines. Read more…

Private label food brands are a $90 billion business accounting for 17.4 percent of retail food sales in the U.S., according to Nielsen Co. Over the past six years, while most food categories have been struggling, private labels have grown at a rate of 6 percent per year.

Most private label products continue to be sold under retailer brands but are produced by firms further up the supply chain. But these brands certainly are no longer confined to grocery stores. Walmart and Target have hugely increased their food sales, and much of their fare is under their store brands. “Drug store” chain Walgreen’s renamed and expanded its offerings under the Nice! brand. Dollar and club stores offer new opportunities for growth. Read more…